The Adventure Begins

I live in beautiful western Colorado, but several times a year I venture out into other parts of our great country.

Some people say that American cities and towns are all the same. I don’t understand that. Sure, some of the big business are the same. I know I’m weird, but I find that kind of comforting. If I have forgotten my toothbrush or comb again, I can find it quickly.

The similarities are there, but the differences are far more interesting. They are dictated by local climate, natural resources, and history.

In this blog, I will feature other bloggers, sites from around the Internet, and, sometimes, my own extremely modest adventures.

When I was a child, my parents took me on a trip to western Canada. That was the only time I have ever left the US, but I enjoy reading about other countries and chatting with people from around the world.

Every day is an adventure and every person is an exotic destination.


2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Welcome to blogging! I hope your travels here in the cyber-world are as enjoyable as those you take in the real world–you’ll certainly meet lots of great people through blogging, as I have. You’re very welcome to have re-posted my blog entry from yesterday, and I’m delighted to meet you. As a newbie to blogging, however, and one who intends to feature others’ travels and regional showcase posts, you’ll want to be aware that it’s a good thing to ask others’ permission before re-blogging their work. Even bloggers with whom I am very good friends do this before re-posting my stuff, and while I haven’t yet come across a request for it that I wished to refuse for any reason, it’s an appreciated courtesy because there *are* sites out here that steal content from others, don’t credit it, don’t link back to it and so forth, so many bloggers are understandably wary. Just a heads-up to you. 🙂 Meanwhile, I know you’ll have fun: I’ve traveled a fair amount and hope to continue with that, but I’ve met at least as many delightful people some of them from parts of the world I have little hope of ever affording to visit, and made a lot of good friends here in the blog world, and I expect and hope that you will too!

    • I revived an old blog last week to share writing-related posts with critique group members who could not access my fan page on Facebook. One Way to Wonder, as reincarnated, is just a set of annotated links I think my friends will find useful.

      While playing around on WordPress, I found some travel-related blogs I enjoyed and wanted to share. I thought I would intersperse my own travels with those of others on the site (credited and linked, of course). I didn’t know this was not done.

      Upon reflection, I have decided to stop reblogging. It seemed like a nice idea, but I don’t want to offend.

      I deleted all of my reblogs. I will use only my own content and simple links with annotations from now on.

      I really appreciate the heads-up. Fortunately, you caught me early. Best of luck with your adventures.

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